How to access Secure Video

Step 1

Log in with your email and given password. (First time password is always year of birth.)


Step 3

Download VSee if not already installed on your computer. Once you download VSee allow it to run in the background, DO NOT log in through the download.


Step 5

Once you are in the waiting room the button will be greyed out.






Step 7

Confirm that your speakers are working.


Step 9

Once you see yourself, you can simply wait for your host to join.

Step 2

Click on the Access Session Button for your scheduled appointment.                  


Step 4

Click on the Enter Waiting Room green button.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



Step 6

If connecting for the first time on a Windows device, you will be prompted to calibrate your camera, microphone, and speaker settings, and you can review your video quality as you wait for your host. (Mac users are not prompted to calibrate their settings and should immediately see their own video tile.) Confirm your camera device.


Step 8

Confirm that your microphone is working.